School Bus Tracking

Experience and Expertise in Academic Institutions Management System

Vkare is a premier solution provider for Educational Institutions backed by a highly qualified and experienced Professional team. Which operates 3 different IT product and services companies? VKARE is focused on educational institution technology empowerment and developing products and services in education domain. VKARE has built VNET which is an ERP system to manage total academic and administration management of institutions. VKARE is engaged in conceiving and delivering integrated solutions to meet the learning, administrative, communication and collaboration needs of students, teachers, institutions and corporations. From educational CDs to live virtual courses by experts to state-of-the-art messaging and administration solutions.

Experience and Expertise in Academic Institutions Management System

VNET Software has been successfully implemented and is running several educational institutions promoted by public and private trusts, school and professional colleges. VKARE has experience in implementing over 20 major Institutions in India and abroad.

Pickup Management

This module will have provision to accept pick up orders, these orders will be classified into two categories

Scheduled pickup

These are pickup that are planned and have more than 3 hours for pickup; system will automatically assign scheduled pickup based on optimized utilization algorithm/logic. Few example of scheduled pickup are School pick up and drops, typically these don’t change all through the academic year. Pick up from airport as customers would raise request before travel

Instant pickup

These cases needs a mix of manual assignment as well as automated assignment of vehicle and driver, short time notice high priority request falls under this category. Instant pickup will be show as unassigned pickup on transport manager to do list, he/she then would look at available vehicle / driver and assign the work

Customer relationship management

This module will maintain details on customers, send promotions, manage discounts, loyalty programs etc. We will be taking this up as last priority module. This is add on module and is not part of current scope but provision would be made to integrate with this module and data

Billing and invoicing

Important element of the system as finance is managed under this module, rate, terms of usage and invoicing would be managed by this module. Usage of contract vehicle would also be under this module.

Attendance system

Would track KNOWN passenger usage, in our case it would be student, bus attendant and the driver, this module can be extended for known customer and loyalty programs. This is where billing and invoicing will look for data.

Notification Gateway

This would be generic module that would store device id of all mobile smart phones which would be used for tracking vehicle. Notification gateway would give API to Vehicle tracking to send message and to register devices. Technology and Database: Web Version is developed using latest Technologies. The Applications are developed on Microsoft ASP.NET with capability to support MS SQL RDBMS at Backend. The solution is a true Web Based application providing facility for users to login to the system with a Web - browser. The system is capable of recovery of any hardware/software incidents through scheduled automatic backup processes.

School bus Tracking

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